You know, just in passing, I’m starting to wonder if the hostility DC has for it’s characters, particularly the traditionally good-hearted characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, and lesser-known but just as loved ones like Saint Walker is an, “If we aren’t happy, no one else should be!” sort of reaction.  

Like what if they’re taking the directions they’re taking with these characters not because they’re trying to hit some “darker and edgier” critical mass, but because the people in charge are just generally miserable SOBs who honestly believe that punishing fans through their favorite characters is a reasonable response to their problems?

It would sure as hell explain a lot of bullshit that’s gone down in the last two years.

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Son of Batman animated movie - first look


As pretty as this looks, all I can think of is DC saying: “Remember this? Yeah, you’ll never have this again, ever, because fuck you, that’s why.”

Anything DC does with Damian will just come off as entirely disingenuous from now on.

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- Young Justice 40

Robin’s Christmas story, part one

Oh good someone’s posting the whole thing. This deserves to be seen.

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Paul Dini Tells Kevin Smith about Hollywood’s Fear of Girl Cooties



And to think just earlier this week you had the New York Times calling Hollywood about their long time claims about not being able to lead movies. And now you have a big name comic and animated creator telling us exactly what Hollywood thinks of girls when it comes to shows targeted at kids.

Paul Dinis is interviewed on Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast this week and during it he explains from personal experience how Hollywood devalues female viewers and female characters. Dini was, of course one of the creators on Batman: The Animated Series. He has also written and produced a number of other animated shows including Batman Beyond in addition to writing comics. The Emmy award-winning creator also had a live-action show targeted to younger viewers call Tower Prep.

In the interview, transcribed by Agelfeygelach Dini talks about the change in how Hollywood views the audience for animation (this starts around 41:00.- bold mine)

But then, there’s been this weird—there’s been a, a sudden trend in animation, with super-heroes. Like, ‘it’s too old. It’s too old for our audience, and it has to be younger. It has to be funnier.’ And that’s when I watch the first couple of episodes of Teen Titans Go!, it’s like those are the wacky moments in the Teen Titans cartoon, without any of the more serious moments. ‘Let’s just do them all fighting over pizza, or running around crazy and everything, ’cause our audience—the audience we wanna go after, is not the Young Justice audience any more. We wanna go after little kids, who are into—boys who are into goofy humor, goofy random humor, like on Adventure Time or Regular Show. We wanna do that goofy, that sense of humor, that’s where we’re going for.’”

Okay, so they want younger kids. But wait, it gets worse.

Dini talks a bit about Young Justice and how it had a sophisticated mythology (he calls them “Buffy style stories) but now they have to be, based on his interactions and observations, funny and … NOT FOR GIRLS… (warning f bombs ahoy!)

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You know what pisses me off the most about this?

Boys don’t buy toys either.


And if we keep representing superheroes as ‘boys toys’ then parents will only buy them for boys.

But let’s stick with the concept that the children themselves are spending the money. Girls buy toys. Girls buy shit loads of toys. walk down the fucking fashion doll aisle of the pink plated target zone, and tell me girls don’t buy toys. Girls buy toys, girls buy playsets, and the only real difference between those little plastic playsets and action figures is that they’re pink and they’re supposed to have tea parties not save the world.

not that people in pink can’t save the world. I’m wearing pink right now. with flowers on it. in a room full of toys. Many of which I bought, starting as soon as I could save up my pennies. I bought just as many toys as I did plastic makeup sets.

Exactly. When you’re looking at the sales/merch angle from “we want younger audiences” DC can’t hide behind the ‘superheroes aren’t for girls’ excuse because if they honestly believe the demographic they’re aiming for is the one paying for this shit, they’re worse off than anyone ever thought they were. We don’t live in a world where a kid can save their allowance and walk down to the toy store and buy their favorite action figure. And even if we did, the toys would still be too expensive. So fuck that noise.  





Injustice: Gods Among Us #30

this kind of reads as commentary on Superman in comics today

holy shit


I’ll admit, Superman was never my favorite superhero, but this? This hurts. And I have Steven T. Seagle to thank for that. Ever since I read It’s a Bird, I at least understand why the Man of Steel is the figure he is in the collective social consciousness— because we need to see someone who reminds us that as long as we can jump the hurdles, we’re still in the race.

Jumping the hurdles being the important part, not blasting them apart— because we as not-People-of-Steel can’t blast them apart. We can still only jump. And for the longest time, Superman was right there jumping along with us.


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The Dan Didio/Jim Lee vision of the DC Universe






So as DC keeps digging itself deeper (the latest is now DC is saying the lone remaining super-hero couple in the reboot - Aquaman/Mera - are not actually “married” because apparently that word has cooties are something - way to throw off critics who think you have an anti-marriage agenda, DC!) and Dan Didio keeps making an ass of himself by saying how proud he is of the “new 52”DC Universe wide mandate that super-heroes not have happy personal lives (i.e. Heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives. They are committed to being that person and committed to defending others at the sacrifice of their own personal interests.and then trolling fans who complained by saying on Facebook: I have to wonder why some people who ask for funny comics filled with optimism seem extremely negative and have no sense of humor.”

Yeah, insult your consumers, way to make me buy your comics, Dan.

I’d just like repost a comment I made at DCWomenKickingAss (which has been all over the shenanigans) regarding why DC looks like the way it does because I think it explains a lot regarding on how Didio see the Universe:

After former-publisher and DC president Paul Levitz (who said no to a lot of stuff) was pushed out for good, Didio and Lee went hog-wild and the reboot came not long after remade into their Silver-Agey vision - the return of Babsgirl (and the complete elimination of Steph and Cass), editorial mandate across the board for grim dark violence, Wonder Woman and Superman as a couple with Lois kicked to a lesser status than Jimmy Olsen, Wally and Donna gone, the JSA characters shooted off to their own world with just one title and all of them “re-imagined” and de-aged, every single character in the DC proper de-aged and made to look like a model (see Waller, Amanda), Amazons eliminated and made evil (again), and of course all marriages that existed prior to the reboot have to not only be eliminated but the couple not even a couple anymore (see Lois/Clark, Barry/Iris, Jay/Joan and now look at what has been done to Animal Man’s family) because apparently its OK to fool around and have random sex with people you barely know (see first issues of Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outsiders) but an actual stable, lasting couple. That’s just for old folks. And thus we have the DCnU. Makes the Marvel Universe look downright paradise in comparison.

And thats it in nutshell. Until there is a clear regime change at DC I think we can just keep expecting more of the same.  Which actually makes me glad Wally West, Donna Troy, Cass Cain and Stephanie Brown are on Didio’s sh!tlist since they don’t have to be a part of this.

There was a comparison picture of Superboy and Krypto that was posted up a while ago somewhere on tumblr. Essentially it showed the old Conner and Krypto we remember; plaid-over-supershirt, Conner wearing glasses and Krypto being a sweet snow-white labrador like cutie. 

Below that it showed Kon-el in the N52. Spiky hair and weird, circuit onesie, surrounded by jagged rocks and lightning, looking angry at something or another. Krypto, beside him, was half Kon’s size and a gigantic wolf with even crazier hair. 

(Found it)


I think this pretty much represents what’s happening with DC right now. They’re scared of being seen as soft. They’re going through the same thing a bunch of companies went through in the mid-to-late 90’s. They’re trying to be XTREME to keep the kids interested. 

Which is sad. It’s sad because it’s all about the relative low self esteem of Didio and Lee. While trying to feed their own inner fanboys by jerking off to the Silver Age and trying to seem young and hip and XTREME, they’re just shooting themselves in the foot. 

The really horrible thing about this is that I kind of understand what Didio is trying to say about heroes vs happiness. Yes, they’re about sacrifice. Yes, that’s part of what makes them heroes. But the problem with making everything about sadness and what the heroes have sacrificed is that, essentially, they’re negating the sadness itself. Sadness cannot exist in a sad-vacuum. They need some happiness to make the sadness that much more important. I’m not talking about Alan Scott proposing to his boyfriend and then, on the next page, having that boyfriend blow up. I’m talking about establishing characters and using that to drive home the theme of sacrifice and hardship that heroes need to go through. 

TL;DR - They don’t get it, they’re getting it wrong across the board and they need to stop. This is turning into the goddamned Attitude Era of DC and I hate it. 

I have to wonder why some people who ask for funny comics filled with optimism seem extremely negative and have no sense of humor.”

See, I totally disagree about the “no happy hero” mandate.  I actually think it’s bullshit and easy.  We live in a world where it’s cool to be seen as cynical and ironic.  We praise sarcasm and negativity.  Bullshit.

It’s HARD to be optimistic.  It’s HARD not to look at something and tear it apart.  Often times our mythological heroes both SEE and REPRESENT the best in the world.  

Heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives. They are committed to being that person and committed to defending others at the sacrifice of their own personal interests.

This makes me SO ANGRY, I want to THROW THINGS.  I also feel it’s why DC Comics, under the new 52 mandate, completely fails to understand Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman is all about optimism.  Diana values sisterhood and family.  She seeks non-violent ways to end disagreements.  She creates shelters and outreach programs to BETTER HELP the women’s community of Earth.  Have you heard her theme song!?  She *IS* that person.  She doesn’t have a Bruce Wayne or a Clark Kent.  Wonder Woman is Diana.  Diana is Wonder Woman.

That doesn’t mean she can’t have friends and family.  It means she should have them MORE.  She cares about humanity.  Why WOULDN’T she care about loved ones?

Yeah this is why I broke up with them the moment New 52 was decided. I was tired of seeing the character I loved turn into play things by the writers and Didio who has no care for any of them. If he did actually care about the characters then things would be completely different than they are now. 

I have a dream that someday Gail Simone is going to cause a coup and save us. But also something that is forgotten is when the New 52 was coming out DC cut its female staff, and only its female staff, from 13% to 1%. And although the fan outcry happened, nothing has changed. 



And its obvious the effect has been enormous. While Marvel is a little better you would think DC being the most popular comics would be the forefront in equality and so on. 

As my best friend Kate tells me, someday things will be fixed and get reconned again back to a more stable and purposeful version. We just have to wait for Didio to get fired.

Also we can talk about why they canceled Young Justice, they did not want Batgirl aka Babs to lead the kids. That’s it, that’s the whole reason even though the series did well. 

Stay classy Didio because someday you will be taken from your throne and you will be no longer able to her females, both emplyees and characters, anymore. 

As my best friend Kate tells me, someday things will be fixed and get reconned again back to a more stable and purposeful version. We just have to wait for Didio to get fired.

I say this every day.  It’s what keeps me sane and keeps me hopeful regarding Wonder Woman.

The problem is : Dan Didio will never get fired.  I don’t even know who could fire Didio.  Diane Nelson?  But she’s more of a WB/DC Entertainment person.  Didio runs DC Comics.  We can’t get rid of him.  And he’s only 53.  Stan Lee ran Marvel Comics for like fifty years.  The ONLY thing we could hope for is that Didio gets moved up the ladder to a different position within the company.  Even then, I do not know what that would be, or even if he’d take it.

That’s my issue as well. I was having this exact conversation with a friend a few days ago and he was dumbfounded by some of DC’s recent editorial decisions and said that it was only a matter of time before DC fired Didio but again, who would do it? I think a huge part of the issue is that as a mega corporation, Time Warner makes so much money they can safely overlook pretty much anything Didio does to tank the comic sales because the real money markers are the movies and merch sales. No matter how awful it was, people still still went to see Green Lantern. No matter how un-Superman Man of Steel was, people still went to see it.

Because we still haven’t learned from Jay Sherman, that voice of animated wisdom:

"If the movie stinks, just don’t go."

DC isn’t just the comics, and at least a portion of every dime you spend in the vain hope of “maybe the movie will be better!” goes back to the assholes in charge. Sadly the only way we can effectively send a message is by essentially boycotting all forms of superhero media that offend us. Movies, merch, everything. Because it all sends the same message. That we’ll keep paying for crap as long as it’s our favorite super hero.

I haven’t bought anything associated with a DC property in two years, excluding fan merch since that money isn’t going back to the company. I support the artists directly by buying prints and commissions. I don’t see the movies. I don’t watch the tv shows. If we as a fan community want to really put Didio’s job in jeopardy, this is at least a part of what we have to do— the drop in sales has to leak over. We need to make DC itself “toxic” by treating everything they do like the disease to progressivism it is. It can’t just be the comics. We’ve already seen that’s not enough. 

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Williams and Blackman Quit Batwoman Due to Ban on Kate and Maggie Marriage


One of the most consistent creative teams since the start of the new 52, writers Haden Blackman and J.H. Williams III have quit the Batwoman series. And there is no dancing around why based on a post on both Williams’ and Blackman’s web site where they note they are “heartbroken” about leaving but editorial interference including being “prohibited from ever showing Kate and Maggie actually getting married” is the cause.


Not going to happen. Read on.

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Honestly, I’m surprised Williams and Haden hung on this long, and it’s a credit to their love of the character that they did. May fortune follow them to bigger and better things, with companies that respect their creative visions. It was good while it lasted, fellas.

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So I got this idea for a Nightwing series. Basically, if the Rockford Files is the inspiration for Hawkeye, Bruce Lee movies would be my inspiration for Nightwing. He’d jetset around the world accompanied occasionally by Bette Kane aka Flamebird and they’d get stuck in martial arts tournaments or have to bust up Yazkua drug rings… Things like that. I feel like Nightwing is the one who could inherit all the cool James Bondian/Mission Impossible adventures Batman had in the 70s. He’d become more of an international superhero doing cool shit in places like Thailand or Hong Kong or something. The new Batman and Robin have things covered in Gotham, so why doesn’t he explore the world a little rather than just find a Gotham knock-off to run around in? Sure he’d have a home base, but if anything it’d probably just be the penthouse in Gotham. A loft or something. 

The redesign for Nightwing is an inversion of Bruce Lee’s Game of Death suit but it’d be dark blue and yellow like his original Nightwing suits. 


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I’m having Beetle feels.

They’re contagious!

Why would you do this?!



I’m having Beetle feels.

They’re contagious!

Why would you do this?!

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“How’s it going Red Robin?”


He made a Red Robin joke.

That better not be a dig at me.




“How’s it going Red Robin?”

He made a Red Robin joke.

That better not be a dig at me.


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So after much deliberation, I finally figured out exactly what IDW is doing right and why.

If you have any experience with younger kids, you notice something that happens—on Christmas, birthdays, any gift giving occasion: generally speaking if that kid gets something they really want, they will treasure it—they’ll carry it everywhere and yeah it might get a little scuffed and dirty but that gift is treasured not just because it was wanted, but because it was given. Willingly. This is how IDW treats the franchises they get ahold of: as valued gifts. How they’ve treated the TMNT and Ghostbusters titles in the last few years is proof positive that they know exactly how much these franchises are worth, not just in terms of profits, but the emotional investments they share with the fans.

Read any interview with Erik Burnham or Mateaus Santoluco: these men are fans and so are their editors, colorists, pencilers and inkers. There’s an awareness of what they’ve been given that extends beyond the creative team all the way up the editorial and executive staff. 

Where that differs from the Big 2, is that there’s this editorial mentality of “this is ours, we can do whatever we want” and while they aren’t wrong, it’s perhaps not the best message to send out to fans. And I don’t doubt everyone at DC or Marvel love these characters, this isn’t me saying they’re not fans, it’s just become obvious they they’re a certain type of fan… the kind that doesn’t play well with others. The kind that can’t take constructive criticism or any criticism at all objectively (I’m speaking here about the editorial staff and a handful of writers/artists, not as a blanket statement.) Because I mean let’s face it, it sucks when someone walks up to you and tell you your toys are lame, especially when they’re your favorites. It’s understandable to be angry when that happens, but at the same time when people are saying: “Your toys are lame because they’re sexist/racist/homophobic,” that should be cause for a little self reflection. Maybe the toys they love are a little dated and dirty and could use a good washing to get them looking nice again.  Which is the last of what we’ve seen from the Big 2. 

IDW has been going about this the right way since I started following them. Their awareness on all levels of how important and revered the titles they have already are has pushed them to treat not only the stories, but by extension the fans with the respect they deserve as consumers.  And all it needed, as Elvis Costello would say, was a little peace, love and understanding.





It’s official, the SHIELD TV series just got picked up for its first season on ABC!!! Also, I hear there may be a trailer out on Sunday/Monday?

That is a lot of white people. :(

And while we’re at it….


With it’s POC LEAD

with it’s LGBTQ POC LEAD.

I know, darling.  I know.

They could even work the Nolan-verse Robin in, and he could troll around the GCPD during the day and be a BAMF behind the scenes at night! It would be great. And Renee would totally figure him out because it’s Renee and they’d maybe be a little more amiable with The Bat but not much because it’s still their city and AARRRGGGHHHHHH.

*flips a table*

DC could literally have everything.

They could.

But they won’t.


I miss you, guys.

Fun fact: if DC ever got their shit together I would suggest reuniting this entire cast for a Gotham Central tv series.

If just because Jeremy Ratchford is Harvey Bullock and nothing can ever convince me otherwise. I mean just look at the man. 

Bonus points since the chemistry is already there and Kathryn Morris would make an A+ Maggie Sawyer.

The only thing I couldn’t decide on would be an awesome Hispanic actress to play Renee, I feel bad that I can’t think of any off the top of my head other than Michelle Rodriguez, who is amazing but doesn’t quite have the look. (The good news is she wouldn’t die this time! She’s the Sean Bean of Hispanic actresses I swear.)

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